ARTIST'S STATEMENT (adapted from the end of "Watercolor Right from the Start")

What is it that motivates us to paint? Perhaps the desire stems from a need to experience 

the exhilaration of creation and the timeless quality that makes a life more complete. 

If you have to paint you have to paint. That is what painting is all about.

"Rosie's Sunflowers" 
22" X 30"

These sunflowers appearing to be growing out of an ancient granite wall .in Denbury, Devon, impelled me to paint them! So I set up my easel and hey presto!- "Rosie's Sunflowers"!





22" X 30"
(Flower series)

My aim was to show the colorfulness of these glowing flowers that I found by a railroad track near my home in Houston. I did not draw any flowers. Instead I made a creative value sketch so I would know where to preserve my light areas. I laid in the first wash in wet on wet. I then negative painted many stages before I achieved the final painting.

"Enchanted Garden 2"
30" X 20"

When I miss the English countryside, I create idealized scenes which I can enjoy vicariously. Enchanted Garden 2 is one such painting.

Enchanted Garden

Abstract Mountain

"Abstract Mountain "
11" X 15"
(Abstract Mountain series)

To assuage my yen for mountains I paint them! I make no preliminary drawing though I do mentally conjure up a color scheme. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the shapes that comprise the subject. This painting took many hours of pondering! Rather than making a rigid plan which can become boring to execute, I laid in one overlaying wash over another to make the unusually vibrant mountains, cliffs and valleys take form!

"Shadows at St. Pompon"
22" X 15"

The strong shadow shapes and the warm glow of reflected light in the form shadows drew me to this subject, painted while teaching a workshop in the Dordogne region of France.

Shadows at St. Pompon

The Guardian
40"X29 "

In this large, surreal painting the amaryllises become as trees that dominate the strangely shadowed guardian. The painting was prompted by my annual amaryllis gift from my son. It becomes a challenge to portray the flower in new ways each year. Whence does the vanishing trail lead?

"The Wedding:Chilhuahuan Desert at Terlingua Texas"

Watercolor and Casein
Size 22" X 30"

A wedding present to my daughter and son in law, I started this painting on site at the rehearsal. I then had to piece together a composition from a number of odd sized, amateur photographs taken during the wedding. It was hard to get the proportions of the figures to work as a group, and even harder to get a likeness for the people shown. I had to view the photographs through an eye loop! Squint at the painting and you will note the interesting shape made by a combination of the mass of figures in the foreground and the background landscape.. Also note the shadows cast by the bride and groom as they merge in an embrace: Artistic invention of course! Please email me if you would like me to do a commission painting of the wedding in your family and we can work out the logistics.


22" X 30"
(Nude series)

Tattoo Tammy, I call her, because her body is covered with tattoos has been one of my favorite models because she falls into poses very naturally. She is also a very sweet person. I did not pre-draw but laid in a wash taking care to preserve light areas. I then negative painted until the figure emerged.

Size 22" X 30"

Nora is temperamental. But like all good models she projects a presence which artists pick up on. I did this painting at one of our local model "lab" sessions in Houston. I worked on it back in my studio to refine the design and details on the hands and feet.


"Foreman's Home"
15" X 22"

While painting this eery house I imagined children who had once lived there to be sitting on the steps. Instead, the house was empty and the windows boarded up. The contrast of the possible past and the certain present captivated me. I completed the painting on location.

Foreman's Home
Some paintings shown are for sale. Prices available upon request. hilarypage@hilarypage.com Click here to see the paintings in Gallery 2000

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