Hilary Page has produced seven DVDs/videos. The titles are:

      • “Watercolor Basics”
      • “Color Mixing”
      • “All About Shadows”
      • “Visual Complements”
      • “Hilary Page’s Paint Guide 1&2”

They each include step by step demonstrations to illustrate the concepts under study. and are mostly longer than your regular art DVD. They are presented before “live” audiences in an entertaining manner making them especially enjoyable to watch. Far from shying away from complex subjects such as perspective and portraits, Hilary jumps right in and makes complex subjects easily understandable.

They are all available for purchase.

Her Portrait DVD is not just an illuminating portrait demonstration from start to finish The presentation is jam packed with invaluable information. Hilary gives the measurements, placement and characteristics of the features. She explains the shadows, light areas and highlights of the head and neck. She shows how to – mix flesh, hair and background colors and suggests the brushes to use.

Hilary Page shows a number of her portrait paintings and points out aspects that are very useful for aspiring portrait artists to know. Fast paced and fun to watch, the DVD is presented in her unique, quizzical style, before members of the Houston Art Society in Houston, Texas.

“Portrait Painting- A Portrait of Clint”
$20 incl S&H (see orderform)
Email me for details.

All DVDs are jam packed with information and are mostly longer than your regular video. They are presented in an entertaining manner before “live” audiences making them especially enjoyable to watch. The videos complement the books. Videos 1 & 2 go with Watercolor Right from the Start. Videos 3 & 4 go with Color Right from the Start. Videos 5&6 go with Hilary Page’s Guide to Watercolor Paints, and “Portrait Painting – A Portrait of Clint” goes with Portraits Right from the Start.

DVD TITLES (95+ minutes)

      1. Watercolor 1: Basics: 95 mins. (Sunset, Mountain, Sea and Rocks demo.)
      2. Watercolor 2: Color & Color Mixing: 95 mins (Pines, Greens and Reflections demo.)
      3. Color: Visual Complements:95 mins (Lemons on Blue demo.)
      4. All About Shadows: 95 mins (Shadows on Building demo.)
      5. Portrait Painting – A Portrait of Clint

$20 each ($25 for the pair):

      1. Hilary Page’s Paint Guide Vol.1: 60mins (The Guide; the Paints; the Manufacturers)
      2. Hilary Page’s Paint Guide Vol.2: 60mins (The Magic Garden demo. Using the new paints)