Hilary Page doesn’t just re-hash information from others. She researches, does her own tests, comes to her own conclusions and gives original insights. Her information is available in her articles that you can read on line. Other articles are available for purchase.

My article on  “Visual Complements the Difference between Visual and Mixing Complements” will change the way you think about color and change the way you paint! I coined the names Visual and Mixing Complements that are now part of the painters’ lexicon.  During my research for”Color Right from the Start” published by Watson-Guptill publications, I figured out that there are indeed two types of complements – MIXING and VISUAL based on two types of synthesis as explained in my article Visual Complements .
Aureolin Alert: the Defective Paintis another article on this site that you will be interested to read. In doing my lightfastness tests for my Guide, I noticed that Aureolin (PY40) rapidly turns brown and fades when exposed to light. This is contrary to its good ASTM rating. The chief chemists of Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith concurred with my finding.
Sparkling “ Interference Paints” contains more unique information. “Shells” and “Sunflowers and Trumpets: A Demonstration using Daniel Smith’s Watercolor Interference Paints”

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The portrait and figure articles cover invaluable tips for all who draw and paint the figure and work from a model. No. of pages per article in bold face type.THE ARTICLES ON THE PORTRAIT AND FIGURE FORM THE BACKBONE OF HILARY PAGE’S LATEST BOOK PORTRAITS RIGHT FROM THE START.The Artist UK

      1. Painting Portraits in Watermixable Oils Summer 2016
      2. Introducing the figure-working with and from a model (4) (July ’11)
      3. The figure- Drawing what we see (3) (Aug’11)
      4. Practical tips on drawing the model (4) (Sept’11)
      5. The model: Working with Tonal value and color (4) (Oct’11)
      6. Depicting the model in watercolor- (6); brief step by step demonstrations (4) (Nov’11)
      7. Artistic Anatomy: The skeleton: Making a skeleton (4) (Dec’11)
      8. Learning the Muscles: Making an ecorche (4) (Jan’12)
      9. Painting Children The Artist UK (3) (Nov’12)
      10. Painting the Elderly The Artist UK (May’13)
      11. The Features The Artist UK (Sept’13)

Seven Articles Feb-Aug 2010 The Artist UK. This set of articles gives the essential foundation for seeing and drawing and watercolor painting. It is similar to lessons in my book “Watercolor Right from the Start”.

      1. Color/ Mixing and Watercolor/ Techniques: Misty Mountain Demo. (4) (Feb’10)
      2. Massing: Shadow Characteristics of the Sphere: Onion Demonstration: (4) (Mar’10)
      3. Characteristics of Cylindrical Forms: Demonstration “Birches”: (4) (April’10)
      4. Perspective;Building and the Block Explained- One, Two and Three Point! Buildings: Demonstration (2)
      5. Two Point Perspective building-Hastingleigh Stores (4) (May’10)
      6. UnderstandingReflections and the pyramid. Demo: Water and Rocks (4) (June’10)
      7. Working with grids; Also understanding the Cone shape as in Amaryllis blooms (4) (July’10)

Additional Articles:

      1. The Foot (4) The Artist UK Oct. 2007
      2. Foreshortening and the Figure (4) The Artist UK November 2007
      3. Proportion and the Human Figure, (4) The Artist UK Dec. 2007
      4. Hand part 1 (3 pages) The Artist UK, Oct.,2006
      5. Hand part 2 (3 pages) Nov. 2006 Dec
      6. Old and Young – (3 pages) 2006
      7. Figure It Out – continuation of the 2001 series
      8. American Artist: Watercolor fall 2000 The Three Primary Palette (10 pages for $3.00 SPECIAL!)
      9. The Artist UK, Oct., Nov., Dec. 2001 Figure It Out (11 pages)
      10. American Watercolor issue: Hilary Page’s Master Triangle- Evaluating The New Watercolor Paints
      11. Watercolor ’96 fall (3)
      12. American Artist: Watercolor ’94 summer Color Effects & Phenomena (8)
      13. American Artist: Watercolor ’90 fall Watercolor Society By-Laws (3 b&w)
      14. The Artist UK, Oct. & Nov. ’96- Just Four Tubes of Paint (6)
      15. The Artist UK, Sept ’97 New Paints in Paintings (5)
      16. The Artist UK ,The Colour Page(s) ’98
      17. Colour Dominance (1) Jan.’98
      18. Complementary Pairs – VISUAL COMPLEMENTS (2) Feb.’98
      19. Cadmium Substitutes (1) March ’98
      20. The Quinacridones (1) April ’98
      21. Interference Paints (1) May ’98
      22. Testing Your Paints (1) June ’98
      23. The (Opaque)Titanates (1) July ’98
      24. Simultaneous Contrast (1) August ’98
      25. Artists versus Student Paints (1) Sept. ’98
      26. The Three Primary System (2) Oct. ’98
      27. The Six Paint Palette (2) Nov. ’98
      28. The Expanded Palette (2) Dec. ’98
      29. The Difference between Visual & Mixing Complements in Daniel Smith’s Inksmith: spring ’98
      30. Interference Watercolor Paints June 2002 Daniel Smith Inc (Click Articles WCO)
      31. Winsor & Newton Newsletter ’99 Four Paintings Art Insights